port de départ

Cruises and description of the main departure ports. If this year you want to go on a cruise that allows you to realize the journey of your dreams, our website will help you build your personalized itinerary. In addition to the possibility of consulting the available cruises, current promotions, and the guarantee of booking your cruise at a transparent price, Taoticket offers you an extra opportunity. Choose the countries you would like to visit, check which departure ports are available, and discover the cruises that allow you to make stops in the cities you want to see. Find the city of your interest on the map, click, and a page will open summarizing all the available travel opportunities: cruise companies, active offers and promotions, periods of departure, options. For the most popular destinations among cruise passengers you will have numerous offers to choose from. Sometimes you will find a package ready for you, for other ports you can have fun building your cruise, stage by stage. Some ports are plied by large ships, others are destinations for selected tourists or only allow smaller yachts to dock. Each port is a port of call to explore the land, and a cruise is the best way to travel between sea and land, between the comforts of the ship and the experiences that await you at each stop. You can complete your travel itinerary by choosing activities, excursions and alternating between the many possibilities that cruise lines offer their guests. Our proposals allow you to set sail to more than 60 countries around the world, and in each of them the ports of departure are numerous. The possibilities to build your ideal trip are endless! What are you waiting for? Check out our cruise offers and prices and create the itinerary for your next trip.

Afrique du Sud Bandiera Afrique du Sud

Antigua-et-Barbuda Bandiera Antigua-et-Barbuda

Antilles néerlandaises Bandiera Antilles néerlandaises

Argentine Bandiera Argentine

Aruba Bandiera Aruba

Autriche Bandiera Autriche

Barbados Bandiera Barbados

Belgique Bandiera Belgique

Corée du Sud Bandiera Corée du Sud

Costa Rica Bandiera Costa Rica

Croatie Bandiera Croatie

Danemark Bandiera Danemark

Egypte Bandiera Egypte

Émirats Arabes Unis Bandiera Émirats Arabes Unis

Fidji Bandiera Fidji

Finlande Bandiera Finlande

Greenland Bandiera Greenland

Guadeloupe Bandiera Guadeloupe

Hawaii Bandiera Hawaii

Hong Kong Bandiera Hong Kong

Hongrie Bandiera Hongrie

Ile Maurice Bandiera Ile Maurice

Île vierge Bandiera Île vierge

Inde Bandiera Inde

Indonésie Bandiera Indonésie

Irlande Bandiera Irlande

Islande Bandiera Islande

Israel Bandiera Israel

Malaisie Bandiera Malaisie

Malte Bandiera Malte

Martinique Bandiera Martinique

Mexique Bandiera Mexique

Monaco Bandiera Monaco

Norvège Bandiera Norvège

Nouvelle Calédonie Bandiera Nouvelle Calédonie

Nouvelle-Zélande Bandiera Nouvelle-Zélande

Pérou Bandiera Pérou

Philippines Bandiera Philippines

Polynésie française Bandiera Polynésie française

Porto Rico Bandiera Porto Rico

Qatar Bandiera Qatar

République Dominicaine Bandiera République Dominicaine

République Tchèque Bandiera République Tchèque

Romania Bandiera Romania

Saint Martin Bandiera Saint Martin

Seychelles Bandiera Seychelles

Singapour Bandiera Singapour

Sint Maarten Bandiera Sint Maarten

Suède Bandiera Suède

Suisse Bandiera Suisse

Svalbard Bandiera Svalbard

Taiwan Bandiera Taiwan

Thaïlande Bandiera Thaïlande

Uruguay Bandiera Uruguay

Venezuela Bandiera Venezuela